Hi, my name is Imran.

I create beautiful & functional websites. Below are a few services I provide:

About Me

Specialize in the development of HTML5, CSS3, Responsive and WordPress websites using valid and semantic coding practices.

Imran Saeed

Web Developer

Hi! I'm Imran, a Freelance Front-end Developer living and working in Pakistan. I work with a range of clients to help build front-end prototypes, style guides and websites. I aim to write the most beautiful code possible. My HTML5 is validated and search engine optimized, WordPress sites are easily updatable and everything is beautifully responsive. Work is always delivered on-time or ahead of schedule and it's my job to ensure you never have to deal with ugly old code ever again.

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My Services

Web Design

Your website is designed to fulfill your expectations, and your clients expectations. It's important that your website looks good to engage your visitors, allowing your website to become successful and meet the goals you are striving for.

Web Development

I custom develop all websites, allowing them to remain unique, scalable and to function as required. Your website will perform better, be more efficient, and overall it will provide a better experience for you and your users. Whatever your idea, I can turn it in to a reality.

Responsive Design

Almost half of all internet traffic is now from a mobile audience. With such a huge mobile audience, it's important that your website is compatible with all screen sizes in this modern age. I ensure that your website is responsive, meaning it is compatible with any screen size on any device.


When creating websites, I keep search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind. I carry out standard on-page SEO practices on every page of every website I create, allowing your site to rank higher in search engine results - potentially driving more traffic to your site.

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